About us

The BJBF, or Belgian Jetsport Boating Federation, is the Belgian national federation of the IJSBA. 

The International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) is the world governing body for the organization of international competitions. The IJSBA is responsible for the rules governing the discipline, the organization and the “code of good conduct” for organizing events throughout the world.

The IJSBA headquarters are located in California, USA. BJBF is located in Lede, Belgium.

More than 200 Associations and Clubs in over 53 countries all around the world are affiliated with the IJSBA, forming a powerful network with common values:

  • Responsibility
  • Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Beach Preservation
  • Respect for the Environment.

The IJSBA created the sport of PWC racing in the late 1970’ies and held the very first world championship for PWC in 1982. Since then, the IJSBA world finals have been held every year in Lake Havasu, Arizona, USA. This event is the most prestigious on the annual international calendar with over 750 pilots representing 36 nations each year.

Besides the World Championship in the USA, the Eurofinals in Europe and the Worldcup in Thailand are also one of IJSBA’s highlight races.

Disciplines represented by the BJBF are:

  • Speed races in closed circuit (closed course)
  • Offshore speed races
  • Endurance races
  • Freestyle
  • Slalom

As the world is digitally transforming, we have also tried to improve on digital level. We have been investing in (and already been used by BJBF) an electronic system which makes it possible to do the scoring electronically and which generates electronic results. Our time schedule is also available online via your mobile phone, which makes it possible for the pilots to check the schedule at any time, and any place on the race site. In this way  we facilitate the work for our staff and provide pilots and their crew with real-time schedules and fast results.