Season 2023

This website will tell you everything you need to know about the “Belgian 2023 Jetski Championship

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How to participate ?

You can already start by reading the information about the different categories that are navigated during our races..

If you already know in which category(ies) you want to navigate, then you can reserve a race number.


Pre-registration usually opens a few weeks before the first race of the season.

You can pre-register via this link.

During the pre-registration, you will be able to reserve a race number. This number must also be clearly legible on your machine (after confirmation by us).


If you already have a valid IJSBA license (issued by an affiliated organization from your own country), you may skip this chapter.

You can choose for an annual or a day license.
If you take an annual license, it will be available (after payment during your first registration) at the registration table at the next race in which you participate. With an annual license you can also participate in the European Championship (

You can combine the purchase of the license with the registration for the entire season (5 competitions) and enjoy an interesting discount.

Consult this page for the applicable rates.


You have the option to register in multiple categories. However, this does not apply to Junior pilots (10-14 years). If you register for multiple categories, the registration fee will be increased (you don’t need to pay a separate registration for each category in which you participate).

Attention!!! NOVICE can only navigate in a NOVICE category. JUNIORS can only navigate in a JUNIOR category.

You can also choose to register for 1 competition or immediately for the complete season (5 competitions). In the latter case, you will enjoy a discount.

Consult this page for the applicable rates.


You must have a medical certificate (2 parts), filled in by your doctor, and bring it with you at your first registration.

Click HERE to download the forms.

Racing day

You come (on time) to the registration table. The opening hours of both the paddock and the registration will be announced in advance (before the race).

You pay the registration fee (+ license). If you have already paid by bank transfer, please bring proof of this with you.

You draw a number for your position on the starting line.

If you have fulfilled your financial obligations, you only need to come and draw your starting position.

Technical inspection

After you have registered, you must go to the technical inspection (together with your machine(s)), before your machine(s) are allowed into the water. Your machine(s) must comply with the applicable regulations for the category(ies) for which you have registered. The exact location of where the technical inspection will be held, as well as its opening times, will be announced (before the race).

You have fun on the water and enjoy the event !

Top 3

If you finish in a top 3 position at the end of the day, you must go (together with the machine you’ve navigated with) to the final technical inspection. If you do not show up, you will be disqualified inexorably.

We wish you a lot of success and above all, a lot of fun!