During the final of the WGP#1 World Series in Pattaya, Thailand, our compatriot Quinten Bossche became world champion in the PRO Ski Grand Prix category for the 3rd time (2017, 2020(1) and 2021(2)). Another Belgian pilot, Antoine Goethals ended up in 4th place in the same category.

The other Belgian pilots

In the PRO Freestyle category, Niels Willems came in 2nd and in the PRO Runabout GP, Didier Bodart finished 30th and Robin Laforge 31st overall.

In the PRO-AM Ski Stock category, Steven Lopez and Phil Segers represented our country, and finished 5th and 23rd. Steven Lopez also took 11th place in the Expert Ski GP category.
Michael Van Reybroeck finished in 22nd place in the PRO-AM Ski Lites category.

Tom Claerhout finished in 6th place in the Novice Runabout Stock category and Joris Van Der Eecken placed 17th in the AMATEUR Runabout 1100 Stock category.

Congratulations to all participants from the BJBF crew!

Experience the speed and sensation for yourself

Would you like to see these top pilots on the water, but rather closer to home? Then come and have a look at 1 of our 5 rounds of the Belgian Championship. The new season of 2022 promises to be a season full of excitement and sensation.

If you want to participate yourself and have a chance at winning the title of Belgian Champion 2022, you can find all further information on this page.

(1) This final was navigated in April 2021 due to COVID-19.
(2) This final was navigated in January 2022 due to COVID-19.