4 Pilots - One Team. 2000€ for the winning team.

In short…

Form a ‘Team’ together with 3 other fellow pilots. Your ‘Team’ thus consists of 4 pilots, each participating personally in a different category.
Pilots may still participate in multiple categories in the regular competition (Belgian Championship 2023), but for this challenge, 1 category will have to be chosen with which he/she will then participate in the ‘Team Challenge’.
After the last race on August 27, 2023 at O2R, we will count all the points scored by the participants of a Team over the entire BJBF Belgian Championship 2023 (4 pilots x 5 races x 3 motos).
The Team with the most points wins the Team Challenge and the corresponding prize.

Prize money

The prize money will be paid by bank transfer after the last race on August 27, 2023.

The distribution is as follows:

  • 1st place: 2.000 €
  • 2nd place: 1.000 €
  • 3rd place: 600 €

Ex Aequo

In case of ex aequo, within the Teams with the same points, the number of 1st places will be added up. The Team whose members have won the most motos will be the winner.
In case of another ex aequo, the number of 2nd places will be added up.
This continues until a final winner can be designated.

General competition rules

Minimum 10 registered ‘Teams’ are required for the ‘BJBF Team Challenge 2023’ to take place.

Participation in the “BJBF Team Challenge 2023” is free.

Participating teams must be formed before the start of the first race (April 16, 2023) at 8:30 a.m. and cannot be changed thereafter.

Registration for the ‘BJBF Team Challenge 2023’ is done exclusively through the designated forms which can be obtained at the registration table. Completed forms must be returned to the registration table.

If the BJBF cancels the ‘BJBF Team Challenge 2023’ for any reason, the winner is not entitled to an alternative prize or monetary compensation.

If the BJBF is forced to postpone, shorten or withdraw the ‘BJBF Team Challenge 2023’, change the competition rules or modify the competition format, the BJBF cannot be held liable in any way for this.

The BJBF shall supervise the proper conduct of the competition. If not all conditions of the rules are met, or in case of abuse, deception, fraud or bad faith, the BJBF reserves the right to exclude the participant concerned from the competition. In such cases, the BJBF also reserves the right to request the return from the participant of any prize already handed over and compensation for damages suffered by the BJBF (including damage to image).

The result of the ‘BJBF Team Challenge 2023’ is binding and irrevocable. It cannot be contested. No communication can be made about the results or the course of the ‘BJBF Team Challenge 2023’. Decisions designating winners are final.

By participating in the ‘BJBF Team Challenge 2023’, the participant accepts the complete competition regulation and all decisions that the BJBF will make concerning the competition. All additional announcements related to the ‘BJBF Team Challenge 2023’ shall constitute a point of the regulations.