Dear pilots,

Next Friday, March 1st, you will have the possibility to reserve your race number via this link.

Like every year, it’s important to request this, so that you are in our scoring system on the day of the race. Under the principle, first come first serve, it’s best to note March 1st – 7 p.m. in your calendar.

A while ago, we announced that this year we will put an extra spotlight on 3 categories for a year. With this Pro Tour, we want to encourage pilots to give their maximum effort so that we can start every race with a full starting line.
How does it work?
For this year, we chose the following categories: EXPERT Ski 4 stroke Lites, Rec Lites and PRO Ski Lites. Pilots from these categories who are present at the 5 races, both at the race and at the awards ceremony, will receive 300 EUR cashback at the end of the season. Each new racing season, 3 different categories will be selected.

A valid doctor’s certificate is also still an important requirement to participate. We ask you to hand it over 1 time at the first competition you participate in.

See you soon!