Dear Pilots,

In a few days, the 2024 Belgian PRO Tour will kick off.

Below you can find some information about some new features for next season, as well as about the first round.

New features

  • We emphasize the importance of legible race numbers (read the full article on this here). Pilots with race numbers in chrome or other shiny/reflective colours will not be allowed.
  • The PRO-AM Ski 4 stroke Lites will continue as EXPERT Ski 4 stroke Lites.
  • PRO-AM Ski Lites was split into EXPERT Ski Lites and PRO Ski Lites.
    These 2 categories will navigate together, but will have separate rankings. However, competing in both categories will not be possible.
  • PRO Run GP will navigate separately only if there are more than 5 participants. If not, they will navigate together with the Run Stock category.
  • Because of a change in the IJSBA regulations, starting in 2028, the veteran category(ies) will only be open to pilots who are 40 years of age or older. This change will happen gradually. This means that starting this season, you will only be allowed to navigate with the veterans if you were born in or before 1988.
  • By analogy with other IJSBA events, starting this year we will also work with a starting system without rubber band. The start will only be given by means of a light signal. The light system will remain unchanged, only the rubber band will disappear.
    To recap:
    • 4 red circles: engine may be started (the pilot may request a “2 minute hold” by raising his hand).
    • 4 red bulbs: starting procedure is running (you can no longer request “2 minute hold”), the lights will go out in 1 to 5 seconds (random).
    • lights out: START !!! You may go.

      As long as the lights are not out, your machine can not move. If you do move, you will be penalized for a false start.
      The race will be red flagged and will be restarted. Pilots who moved before the lights went out will have to start with the engine not running (dead engine) and the key in hand on head (hands on head).
      The race will be restarted again in case of a 2nd false start: the pilots who received a penalty (hands on head) at the first start will keep this penalty at the 2nd restart.
      There will be no 3rd restart: pilots who moved at the 2nd restart before the lights went out, will be put back 1 lap (+1 lap penalty).
  • The IJSBA regulations define noise standards: according to the regulations, your machine may not produce more than 86dB(a) (measured at a distance of 22.86m). In the past, we have never strictly followed this.
    However, we are also faced with noise standards imposed on us by the various governments. Be aware that noise pollution is the main cause of complaints from local residents. If we do not take this into account, we will not be allowed to organize a championship in the future. So it is in your best interest that we ask you to do everything possible to minimize the noise production of your machine.
    Pilots whose machine produce too much noise will therefore receive a warning this season. If at the next competition the noise standard is not met, they will not be allowed to participate.
  • The schedule for the weekend will change slightly from last season. Please pay close attention below to the opening hours of the registration table and technical control.
    Training hours are also clearly marked. No machines will be allowed on the water outside of these hours. You must also go to technical control FIRST before you may participate in the training sessions.
    The message is: come on time and well prepared to the registration table and to the technical control. In this way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises. (Be sure to read this article as well).

PRO Tour

We want to encourage pilots to give their maximum effort so that we can start each race with a full starting line.

This season we are highlighting the EXPERT Ski 4 stroke Lites, Rec Lites and PRO Ski Lites.

Pilots from these categories who attend the 5 competitions (both at the competition and at the awards ceremony) will receive 300 EUR cashback at the end of the season.

Place 2 Be

Jet Club Eau d’Heure – O2R
Lac de l’Eau d’Heure
Hameau du Féronval

Ground plan


You will be able to follow the timetable live via your smartphone so that you can follow the current race at any time and place. The results (as soon as published) will also be available via the live timetable. This will be accessible via this link or you can also scan the QR code that you will find at various places on the site.